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Garbage Sex m/m!

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My anatomy and perspective suck but I really wanted to draw Bolin masturbating. ; +;


Some of my old drawings posted on my pixiv account.

Well yeah, no colors I know. I don’t really like coloring btw, I’m shit at coloring.

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You wanted this. I mean, you’re pretty sure you still do. The taste of his blood in your mouth tells you that, and so does that fat little ass, and so does he every time he twitches, or gives a full-body thrash like a shark caught in a net.

He’s still now, just breathing. He’s watching you, waiting for your next move. One look in his eyes and you can see the gears turning— gnashing, really, just like his teeth— thinking of all the terrible things he wants to do to you.

Suppose it’s too much to ask that that stiffy he’s got is from liking you so much.

When he gets out, he’s going to fucking murder you. That in mind?

You may as well get while the getting’s good.


X////D my best friend and i were talking about how cold it is and the idea of these cuddle bear men popped into our heads X/////D. so we drew it XDDD her wonderful drawing is on the left and mine is on the right.  we also gave each others bear a cute pet nickname. she named mine cutie-pie and i gave her’s the name honey bun (i wanna take a bite out of them buns >:9 )



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1 year ago on 11/27/12 at 01:24pm


horuss with his horse dildo for anon 

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1 year ago on 11/25/12 at 10:35am


>W< had a huge urge and wanted to draw all my ocs and my friends ocs in a huge orgy X////D <333333



yeah, I could probably draw him forever. 

( Ursuss (c) Type-B )


i gave him a bun cause fuck drawing hair